3D booth design for VUE PL&S Guangzhou show in China. I consulted for the booth design and executed all graphic elements, including the cut-out of a speaker driver on the left wall using Adobe Illustrator.
Actual Booth.
This design is used to demonstrate the Global nature of VUE Audiotechnik. Although based in California, products and componentry is both designed and manufactured in various countries. It was also used as a back wall graphic behind the reception bar/ counter at the sow pictured above.
This is a large format graphic was designed to cover and entire wall. It features  a product class & a specific technology rather than a single product.
A single product placed in front of the product CLASS wall, the pedestal features details about the displayed product only.
All pedestal graphics shared this similar design and layout. Name, Class and no more than a few key points about the product. They were built out of plywood, painted and paired with a plexi glass top with LED lights installed inside. These pedestals were also my designs.
This design is the basic branding for most walls for VUE's small Truss and Fabric based booths. These banners are made of Nylon, die-cut and sewn into sail shapes with grommets at the corners. They were then tied using heavy duty white rope to supporting truss, with PAR CAN lighting placed in between 2 banners tied back to back about 1 ft apart making them essentially "glow".
VUE Infocomm 2016 exhibit stand with fabric banners. 

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