I am a dedicated marketing professional with a drive to deliver outstanding results. I maintain reliable relationships with the best illustrators, front-end developers, and design assistants who complete the skill sets needed to address all projects with the precision that is synonymous with 2HB Development .
With 15 years of experience in building marketing assets, I specialize in assessing a brand, from its internal presentation, public image and reach. I have excelled in enhancing and unifying any branding oversights with striking visuals and well thought-out messaging. I then utilize the most effective platforms for target market reach, as well as community engagement.
As a self-starter, with more than a decade of marketing strategy, coordination and management experience, I have spent the last six years successfully running 2HB Development. I’m a team-player who plans, directs and executes projects on budget, and on schedule; works closely and respectfully with both colleagues, and clients, to achieve mutual goals.
It is important to mention that we believe in equality for all human beings, regardless of their, religion, colour of their skin, ethnicity, background or sex.
Thanks for your time, 
Ilona Isabel Utriainen
She/ Her